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MessianicLinks.com reserves the right to deny listings for any reason. In exchange for listing your website in our database, we request that you display one of our approved links somewhere in plain view on your website. Click here to view approved links.

It is our desire to be as inclusive as possible, and to allow listings for websites which fall primarily within the pale of the Messianic Jewish Movement. However, at this time, we do not permit listings for websites that contain information or links to other websites pertaining to any of the following: Sacred Name, Two-House/Ephraimite, One-law / Universal Torah, Replacement theologies and/or Anti-Torah or Anti-Messiah content. If you would like to be listed in MessianicLinks.com, and have links to other sites containing information about or supporting the views of any of the above topics, please remove them from your site before submitting your site for listing.
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